Celebrating 40 Years Successful Journey of the Internet

It scares me to think how miserable my life would have been if Internet was not there! I get jitters to think of my days without google, mails, chats, video conferencing and facebook!

Needless to say how predominantly Internet has transformed our lives…from long distance phone calls to video conferencing, from plain paper business brochures to flash and CMS enabled websites, from manual-search non-indexed books like Yellow Pages to Justdial.com, from long queues for bill payment to PayPal, and from simple T.V. viewing to the smashing hit You Tube videos, Internet has bestowed us with the luxury and convenience of life!

We have so intricately mixed up our lives with Internet that you let loose a string, and we would collapse like empty sacks. From Information to Exchange to Opportunities, the entire world is glued with the power of Internet. The journey has been amazingly fast. The journey of the internet was never a slowdown, just advancements, progress, impetus and headways! So when we say “Celebrating 40 years of Internet”, allow me to parallelize it with “Celebrating 40 years of Interactivity” which keeps happening across millions of web pages world-wide with ever changing trends & techniques.

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